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A. Tyler Whitaker, Attorney at Law, is a full-service lawyer offering legal help in criminal law, family law, probate and estate planning law. From divorce and child custody to misdemeanors and felonies to estate planning issues, this law firm is committed to representing the legal rights of their clients. With an in-depth knowledge of local, state and federal laws, the Attorney Whitaker has a high track record of success. Turn to him for legal solutions that work.

Criminal Law: Attorney Tyler Whitaker

Being charged with a crime is a serious matter because there is a lot at stake. You could be facing prison time, loss of employment, loss of reputation, costly fines and a permanent criminal record. Attorney Tyler Whitaker is there to help clients navigate the criminal justice system and fights for their clients’ legal rights. His previous successes include dismissal, reduced charges and reduced prison time. All around, attorney Tyler Whitaker works to develop a strong criminal defense on behalf of his clients. This includes interviewing law enforcement and witnesses, obtaining crime scene photos, evaluating evidence like ballistic reports and DNA and hiring experts when needed.

Family Law

Attorney A. Tyler Whitaker is a strong advocate for his clients when it comes to issues surrounding divorce and child custody. Often, many of these types of disputes can be resolved through mediation or arbitration instead of in the courtroom.  These alternative resolution dispute processes are much less time consuming and costly than battling it out in court. Tyler acts as counsel during these processes. He helps clients get prepared for the stress and emotional toll that accompanies any divorce or child custody proceeding.

Probate and Estate Planning Law: Attorney Tyler Whitaker

Attorney A. Tyler Whitaker also focus his practice in estate planning. Whether it’s a living will, simple will, revocable trust or irrevocable trust, he helps his clients choose the best legal instrument for their wishes. As a probate attorney, he helps guide clients through the probate process, including settling debts, preparing for estate taxes, distributing assets properly and resolving disputes among beneficiaries and heirs.

If you’re facing a criminal, family law or estate planning issue, turn to A. Tyler Whitaker, Attorney at Law, for the best legal advice.